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Sunday, 23 January 2011

How do you post widgets?

Follow this path:
Design - Page Elements - Add a Gadget (where you want to add it)!

How do you invite people to contribute as collaborators and authors?

In order to do this go to SETTINGS-click on PERMISSION where you will get na option to add authors(BLOG AUTHORS-ADD AUTHORS). Write down the e-mail address of the person or people you want to invite and simply click on INVITE!
The more the merrier!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

How can you customize the header?

You can do this simply by clicking on 
Design-Page Elements-Header-Edit(Configure) Header!

How do you moderate comments?

Firstly you need to set the option when creating your blog. This is the path: Settings-Comments-Comment Moderation

Now you can manipulate it: When clicking on Comments you will get an option for Moderation (Awaiting Moderation)

How do you post videos, slideshows, pictures?

You simply go to New Post- click on body of the message-now you can see the Toolbar above.

 Click on the on of the icons you require: Insert Image, Insert a video...